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Well Ben, the Democrats are right about McCain being a warmonger and old. He started his own KKK. I am still waiting for a response on those other thre, Marc. McCain is an embarrassment and is continually apologising for conservatives and fellow Republicans. Change his words to be directed at blacks and you will see the horrible racism. It poses a legitimate question about judgment for which the people of North Carolina deserve an answer.

Obama himself goes out and lies to his supporters every day, twisting McCain's words and changing the subject when someone asks him why he lies. Hey videoyou might want to edit, cause we already know that Obama can't and won't be withdrawing troops as he has led you to believe. Yeah, right. I think the are made by contributors of MoveOn.

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If this is what his peaceful church is like, then what will his peaceful, tolerant politics be like? So yeah, it bugs me. This is pretty sad. All the while Democrats are calling McCain a warmonger, old and stupid. Barry Obama sat at the foot of this racist for 20 years. Who knows? Intolerant racist. This NC ad against Obama has nothing to do with racism, it is about the judgement judgement and patriotism. This ad opposes two Democrat candidates for governor in North Carolina.

You are despicable. Correct Obama is on the ballot and he takes spiritual advice from Reverend Wright. There's of them I heard. How did we end up with John McCain as our nominee?

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Whites have mostly gotten the message. A fair of Republicans are saying it too and a lot of Independents. He brings ignorance in politics to a whole new level. I swear, why do we let the lowest information voters pick the president. Obama and his supporters hold everyone but themselves to a very high standard. Something must really have gotten under your usually thicker skin.

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Just what we need in the White House! Gee, Ben, I think that's the most purely subjective, hyper-partisan diatribe I've ever seen you commit to cyberspace. And you're still wrong. Just throw your hands in the air and say you have no control. What an irresponsible ad. Black supremeists. Exposing Obama is.

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They can level offensive, dishonest attacks against McCain all day long, but the moment someone unconnected with McCain does something that offends them, they accuse McCain of running a dirty campaign. You might be surprised! Stupid is debatable, maybe s of dementia. If there were tape of John McCain's white pastor saying those exact same words and the DEMS constructed the exact same commercial should I yell racism?

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Of course not, because Obama has no class and certainly no honor. He should have thought about this before running for President which, by the way, doesn't say much for his judgment either. Someone who hates his own country! YOu only oppose this war because of the Supreme Court in the if Gore was President you would be all for it.

Maybe an update is in order, or maybe you want to get a jump on your video for when Obama sends the troops BACK in, as he has stated, to undo the mess he'd create by withdrawing. It is not even a personal attack, it is fact. Grow up; the guy hangs out with America-haters, end of story.

Checkout this ad that one of the Democrat Candidates for Governor is running. Racism; a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others. If this is what Obama thinks is religion I fear for this country under such a man. So, I have just watched the ad and am trying to figure out where the ad is fear mongering, racist, or just a hit piece on Obama?

What is misleading? So Obama considers my nephew in Iraq as a toy soldier to be used for political expediency. Not white but probably an African print. Marc is always here to cheer me up, though. Running around the country calling people "my friends" is not going to make you President. You and everyone else is willing to sell out our country because of politics.

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News Flash!! You seemed to have run away just when it was getting fun. But blacks continue Reverend Wright should be an example of good behavior and instead he rants and raves in the most racist fashion.

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Oh Please! WTVD, the ABC outlet in that same media market, is also saying they haven't been asked to run the ad but would have reservations about doing so. Jay Rockefeller and Ed Schultz. I'm still waiting for someone to tell me what, about the ad, constitutes racism.

Does Obama apologize for any of it? He can only get away with lying for so long. That is truly truly offensive.

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He doesn't like America. Wright isn't on the ballot. ANd he has formed his world outlook by sitting and listening, not speaking against racism against his own mother and grandparents. McCain needs to stop playing the idiot role and complaining about what other Republicans do.

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The medical records will show. What kind of person does that? Democrats aren't the only ones who are saying McCain is old and stupid. Nothing to do with Obama. More hate whitey, hate America. Do you want to see a racist ad? Not the kind I want for President. That man should not be close to the whitehouse. Now we cannot mention that Obama was born a muslim, that Hussein is his middle name, his association with 60's radical Bill Ayers or his racist American hating Pastor Jeremiah Wright.

It makes no sense and it is dishonest. He did say that blacks who kill other blacks were killing the "wrong enemy".

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