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Six modules will be stacked to form the central solenoid magnet. In this photo, the tonne vertical coil is being loaded in Fos-sur-Mer on the barge that will take it across the inland sea of Berre to the start of the ITER Itinerary. Procured by Europe and finalized in Italy, toroidal field coil 9 TF9 is seen here as it approaches the narrow Caronte Canal in Martigues.

Korean sector 1 will be installed in position 7 in the ITER Tokamak pit, hence the deation " 1 7 " With the loading of TF2 in Kobe, Japan, on 22 August—which is the ninth finalized coil—we are approaching the half-way mark.

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The two Japanese coils will enter into the first sub-assembly of the vacuum vessel, in association with vacuum vessel sector 6 from Korea, expected later this month in France. As it is the second time round for Hyundai Heavy Industries after the shipment of sector 6 in lessons learned have resulted in a more spacious cabin to avoid clashes as the component is removed and an easier-to-remove cover.

In this picture, vacuum vessel sector 6 manufactured in Korea is shown moving through a narrow passage just a few kilometres from ITER. Four hundred and forty tonnes of steel are packed into a specialized crate for shipment to France. Several segments of the cryostat lid, including the central disk, are travelling now along the ITER Itinerary. Carefully ensconced in its transport frame, toroidal field coil 13 TF13 is unloaded at Fos-sur-Mer, France.

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Nineteen toroidal field coils in all are under construction. Moments before this convoy departs with segments of the ITER cryostat top lid, a final team meeting brings together the drivers, the technical operators and the security forces to review the specifics of the operation. On 10 September, two large high-tech components are delivered for the magnet feeder system—one in-cryostat feeder for a bottom correction coil and one feeder ring for a side correction coil.

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This tonne component is one of six independent magnets that will be assembled as a tower to form the ITER central solenoid. After a one month sea voyage from China, it arrived at Fos-sur-Mer on 8 June. Large ITER convoys like this one travel by night to minimize disturbance along local roadways. A tonne poloidal field magnet leaves Hefei, China, on 22 March for transport to port and a sea voyage to France. Fifty convoys out of an expected have travelled the Itinerary to date.

A few days more, and it will be at ITER. Pictured: TF Pictured: TF2. A tonne central solenoid module—the second out of seven modules expected from the United States—is in transit to ITER. Toroidal field coil 8 is offloaded at Fos-sur-Mer after a long sea voyage from Japan. First, though, the component is delivered by barge to Berre-l'Etang.

The package that contains PF6 is 12 metres long, 11 metres wide and a little more than 4 metres high. One after the other, they will soon commence their kilometre, four-night journey to the ITER site. These actively cooled plates will hold the coil in position on the broader toroidal field coil structure.

The huge component is expected on Friday 27 August. At the same time as a first tonne central solenoid module is just kilometres from the ITER site, a second is leaving the General Atomics workshop in Poway, California. The first central solenoid module is delivered by the United States on 9 September The tonne component arrived in the early hours of 27 August At tonnes, including housing and the transport frame, vacuum vessel sectors are among the heaviest lo to travel the ITER Itinerary.

These components left India late last year. Magnet feeder elements continue to arrive from China. Module 2 was loaded on 13 August for truck transport to the port of Houston, Texas. This correction coil feeder component, leaving China, will be installed at the bottom of the ITER machine as part of the feeder system that carries cooling fluid and electricity into the magnets.

This is the second sector of four to be procured by the Korean Domestic Agency the first arrived on site in Korean sector 1 will be installed in position 7 in the ITER Tokamak pit, hence the deation " 1 7 ". This is the third toroidal field coil completed by Japan out of nine that it has procurement responsibility for. Toroidal field coil 6, which left Marghera, Italy, on 14 August, has safely crossed the inland sea of Berre. A massive, tree-like assembly tool—formed of a trunk and branch-like beams—will support the vacuum vessel sectors at ITER while they are welded.

Thermal shield panels for vacuum vessel sector 5 are transported by barge on their way to ITER. A tonne magnet coil, TF3 from the European Domestic Agency, is seen early in the morning on 7 Maystill on its double transport trailer. Two giant feeder elements--which will be installed under the machine to relay electrical power and cryogens to the correction coils--leave the factory in China. Two in-cryostat feeders for the side and bottom correction coils, which arrived in France on 7 July, need to be installed in the Tokamak pit early in the machine assembly process.

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Poloidal field coil 6 PF6procured by Europe and manufactured in China, is loaded onto a specially conceived barge at Fos-sur-Mer to cross the inland sea of Berre. Two D-shaped toroidal field coils are now on site; the others will arrive according to machine assembly needs over the next three years. Mid-November, thermal shield panels for vacuum vessel sector 1 VV 1 successfully crossed the inland sea Berre in the south of France and started on the ITER Itinerary to reach the site. When it arrives, it will be the 12th D-shaped coil out of 19 expected.

Transporters find a way to pack another unwieldly ITER component for international travel by sea. Thirty-one feeders, each made up of three constitutive parts, will service the four superconducting magnet systems of the ITER machine. Europe is about to deliver its sixth toroidal field coil to ITER. It will begin its slow ride to ITER this week. Wrapped tightly and protected in casing, vacuum vessel sector 6 is loaded on board an oceangoing vessel on 26 June The components weigh and tonnes respectively.

TF4 has just been off-boarded at Fos-sur-Mer. Vacuum vessel sector 6, shipped by Korea, reaches Fos-sur-Mer, France, on 21 July and is unloaded the following day. It arrived on site on 14 October. Each vacuum vessel sector requires it own thermal shield. The tonne all-metal sector 1 7 of the ITER vacuum vessel is a marvel of engineering, its realization testimony to the world's most advanced manufacturing processes. At Mangiarotti, the four segments of sector 5 will be brought together and welded into the D-shaped whole.

Poloidal field coil 6 PF6transport frame and trailer make a load weighing close to tonnes. Europe is supplying 10 toroidal field coils to the ITER project. ITER machine assembly begins and ends with the cryostat—the base is inserted first; the top lid is inserted last.

The specialized transport vehicle will now be sent back to Port de la Pointe Berre l'Etang to pick up a second toroidal field coil—this one recently arrived from Japan. The casing for vacuum vessel sector 1 7 resembles a small cabin.

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The tonne component, tightly wrapped in protective material, is supported by a sturdy tonne transport frame. Two others are travelling. All vacuum vessel thermal shielding has been completed by Korea and is arriving by batch. Six will leave first for the 3,kilometre journey to France; four others will leave later this month.

This tonne component, which was more than 10 years in the making, will now travel along a special road itinerary to reach the ITER site. The backbone of the ITER magnet system, the central solenoid, will be assembled from six independent coil packs modules stacked in an metre-tall structure. Part of a major assembly tool the lower column of the in-pit column tool has arrived in France and will travel next week along the ITER Itinerary. Pictured: a magnet feeder component from China. Five cryostat lid segments out of 12 have reached France from India.

It is expected on site on 12 March. Back to back, two toroidal field coils shipped by Japan are unloaded at the port of Fos-sur-Mer from the same vessel. Protected in a cabin-like case, vacuum vessel sector 1 7 makes the short trip across the inland sea between Fos-sur-Mer and Berre l'Etang. It has been travelling since late June from Korea. They are also among the largest.

One part of the central column the lower cylinder has arrived in France from Korea. The first central solenoid module is travelling 2, kilometres between southern California and Houston, Texas. It is seen here crossing Arizona Inside of nondescript housing, a jewel travels. In this picture, the tonne, D-shaped coil TF11 is being loaded onto a ship in the port of Marghera, near Venice, Italy.

Europe delivers toroidal field coil 3 on 7 May This tonne component is the fourth in the series from Europe; three others have been delivered by Japan.

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The transport of an ITER vacuum vessel sector a load of tonnes including housing and vehicle is at the upper limit of what is possible in terms of weight and dimensions along the ITER Itinerary. It will be associated with vacuum vessel 6 from Korea and another toroidal field coil 12 in the first "sector sub assembly" of the ITER machine.

ITER component convoys travel by night in order to minimize the disturbance to the local communities. At Hyundai Heavy Industries in Korea, a tonne vacuum vessel sector 1 7 is being prepared for shipment. On 19 Augustthe 13 segments of the cryostat top lid were loaded onto a vessel at Hazira port one segment is pictured.

This will be the third toroidal field magnet delivered by Europe and the fifth out of 19 received by ITER overall. After crossing the inland sea Berre by barge, European coil TF11 was transferred to the modular transporter and tied down. It is now only km from the ITER site.

The long trailer offers the module the lowest height profile possible under 4.

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