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Laws have been passed with varying and there have been repeated calls to legalize it—as recently as June, when several State lawmakers introduced legislation to decriminalize it. The Municipal Library and Archives collections provide a wealth of documentation on the periodic fights to control prostitution. There are court records dating back to the s, reports from civic organizations, City agency publications, books and correspondence from several mayors including Ed Koch and Rudy Giuliani. Gilfoyle drew upon scores of sources in the Municipal Archives, particularly the District Attorney Indictment Papers, dating back to the late 18th Century. In the years before the American Revolution, prostitutes worked the wharves, entertaining British sailors and local New Yorkers alike. In addition to the women who worked the streets, there were an estimated brothels in New York City in


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That spring she'd caught the attention of the undercover investigators of the Committee of Fourteen, a coalition of moral reformers committed to stamping out prostitution and sexual deviancy in New York. Many in the underground gay community—both male and female—found her parlor a retreat where they could relax and be themselves. Whore is a word that jars the ear and tastes bitter on the tongue. Crooked cops of every rank made her place their home away from home—a decidedly mixed blessing.

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Men who were touchy about their own social status often took comfort in belittling her. Slumming intellectuals and Broadway bohemians were tickled by her blunt realism and lightly louche wisecracks. It was so deep that telephone callers frequently mistook her for a man, much to her annoyance.

Besides, she wasn't sure she was ready to retire. Be the first to know. Then there was the problem of her parents.

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No one meeting Pearl Adler on the street would have taken her for a fallen woman, let alone the proprietress of Manhattan's most renowned bordello. Everyone, from Park Avenue aristocrats to Lower East Side hooligans, appreciated her ironclad discretion.

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She'd spent enough time around horseplayers and dice-tossers to know the golden rule: the only way to beat the odds was to quit the game when you are winning. Now the final piece was in place. She dressed conservatively in beautifully tailored clothes, often of her own de. Stop calling me mister,'" remembered one friend with amusement.

Women who made a business of sex in those days often turned up their noses at the term prostitute, preferring to call themselves hustlers, party girls, or regulars. Nonetheless, her fans outed her foes. In JuneMoshe Adler filed his naturalization papers to become a citizen, and she planned to bring her mother and three youngest brothers to America in the coming months.

She cultivated gossip columnists and influential newspapermen and she frequented the chic nightclubs and late-night rendezvous with a rotating posse of glamour girls.

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No ankle bracelets, heavy makeup, or the jungle-red nail polish associated with women of the night. Byher house had become an after-hours clubhouse for the adventurous Broadway bohemians who gathered at the Algonquin Hotel for lunch; writers, performers, and publicists like Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley, Donald Ogden Stewart, and the king of the Broadway wisecrackers, George S. Executives in the garment industry and the flourishing fields of radio, motion pictures, and advertising employed her girls to woo clients. We liked each other and didn't take the time to think about it much.

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Thirteen years after fleeing the Jewish Pale of Russia, she still spoke with Yiddish inflections, generously sprinkled with immigrant malapropisms and Broadway slang. By the time Polly was marking her first anniversary in business, Manhattan had become the blazing eastern front of the first great culture war of the twentieth century.

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Her father might have understood her career—he was a man of the world—but her mother would be devastated if she learned the truth. Chrome Safari Continue. But Polly had even bigger ambitions, requiring her to master the art of publicity. Entertainers knew they'd hit the big time when they could afford an evening with her girls.

Maybe so in Middle America, wherever that was. She was heavily invested in the stock market and had saved a fine nest egg—enough to buy into a legitimate business or go back to school.

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Some of the Broadway butterflies who worked for her chafed at her ban on drugs and pimps, her insistence that they go to bed with whoever came through the door, and her frequent lectures on social etiquette. She was only twenty-seven, but she'd seen enough of human hypocrisy to know that in the square world, she'd be just another nobody, or worse.

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They'd tracked her to the Kentucky Club, where she was an avid fan of Duke Ellington and his sizzling jazz band. Her career was deeply intertwined with syndicated crime, and the mob didn't look kindly on retirement.

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There was danger in such notoriety, however. For over a decade, the forces of moral order had been busy shutting down brothels and gambling halls. As one gangland titan warned her, "Once you're tagged as a madam it's for keeps.

Wall Street traders passed along stock tips on their way to the bedroom. They'd traced her to the Dover Club, where comedian Jimmy Durante had hired one of her occasional call girls to work as a hostess and comic performer.

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She was blessed with "the voice of a longshoreman" in the words of Oscar Levant—naturally husky and roughened by cigarettes, scotch, and a thousand late nights. Please enter address to continue. Her jewelry was a tad showy and she had a well-known weakness for mink coats, but no more so than any ambitious Manhattan gold digger. At this point, Polly could have declared victory and retired from the life.

Fellow Jews from the old country found her house haimish, a cozy home away from home. She'd been snubbed in public more times than she could possibly remember, even if she had wanted to. With her newfound fortune, Polly had brought her father and two of her brothers to New York from eastern Europe.

Manhattan da will stop prosecuting prostitutes and asks court to dismiss nearly 6, cases dating back as far as the s

Much as Polly longed to see her mother again, she dreaded the prospect of lying to her face. Rival madams didn't care for her upstart ambitions. In one of the most spectacular examples of the law of unintended consequences in American history, Prohibition gave the world of vice a cachet it had never had before. Gamblers found it a safe haven for high stakes poker and crap games. Not everyone liked her, of course.

But everyone in the sex trade used the word whore. There were plenty of other madams in Manhattan, but none of them seemed to have the combination of charisma and brains that made Polly one of the "authentic Big Shots" of the town, as one Broadway columnist dubbed her. Her hair was fashionably bobbed at the neck, her hands tastefully manicured. Polly was more modest.

Manhattan da cyrus vance says 'prosecuting prostitution does not make us safer'

If the Committee decided to stir up the wrong people, she could be in for trouble, no matter how many palms she greased. It was easy to underestimate her, at least until she opened her mouth. Get browser notifications for breaking news, live events, and exclusive reporting. Please enter valid address to continue. But that wasn't so simple.

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She'd opened her first brothel in —a self-styled "house of asation" in a two-bedroom apartment across from Columbia University—the same year the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution, banning the sale or transportation of all intoxicating liquors, became the law of the land.

The English language abounds in more polite, poetic, and precise terms to describe a woman who trades sex for money: prostitute, sex worker, lady of the evening, working girl, fallen woman, call girl.

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The way her luck was running, she just needed to stick it out a little longer, until she had so much money that she'd never have to work again and no one would dare look down on her. Polly was warm and funny, smart and gutsy and fun to be around.

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Ask any gambler: only a rank sucker would drop the dice when she had a hot hand. Racketeers used her parlor as an informal headquarters where they could confer with politicians and judges, away from prying eyes. It was an axiom of the underworld: once in the rackets, always in the rackets.

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More than 1, open cases related to prostitution and loitering — some dating as far back as the s — will be dismissed in Brooklyn, District Attorney Eric Gonzalez told BuzzFeed News.


This was not the happy ending a Garment District landlord expected when it leased space to a spa.