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Concord is a suburb of San FranciscoCalifornia with aroundresidents. The Concord Police Department has responded to citizen concerns and complaints about prostitution in local hotels and street corners by raiding the businesses suspected of promoting prostitution and staging prostitution sting — including reverse stings. The arrested prostituted women and the johns have their identities, ages and hometowns reported in the media. Concord police have also conducted web based reverse stings in addition to the street level operations. The week-long operation was led by the Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force and 70 participating federal, state and local law enforcement agencies including the Concord Police Department and task forces from across California. In addition to rescuing and serving victims of sexual slavery and human trafficking and arresting then prosecuting their captors, Operation Reclaim and Rebuild also seeks to disrupt the demand for vulnerable victims by targeting their customers.


Unless of course you're under the impression that Concord has one gigantic, monstrous gang with 10, members like what the Discovery Channel wrongfully described Oakland as having loland that every thug in attendance there was on the same side. Some just might look that way and I agree with the other poster that said it's the dress code for a fair amount of people here.

Opacity: Opacity.

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But teenagers who listen to hip hop and dress in that style the same way kids all across the nation do is considered acceptable. And no, there are not "so many homeless, thugs, and prostitutes in a community people consider a nice, safe, place to raise a family. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. San Jose, California.

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There are a LOT of families in Concord. View detailed profiles of: Los Angeles, California.

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I always assumed they were safe places to raise families. Originally Posted by fizbin. Is this an area just best avoided? You can get anything made, custom made, find deals on any kind of item you need for a house or business, bridal shops and prices that get the rich girls to drive their BMWs to the "concord ghetto" ha ha ha. I've never seen prostitutes anywhere near there, Monument Blvd is the only place I can imagine them hanging out.

Concord has a wide bandwidth of areas.

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When we exited the freeway, there were 4 women soliciting themselves at the off ramp! I have never been there before, and heard mixed things about the area, but figured it just had a few rough spots, probably not near the shopping area. If there are any there at all they are extremely scarce.

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Its getting old really fast. The new Brenden Theater has had some pretty challenging times to make it a "hub" area like Walnut Creek certainly is.

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Concord cops do a pretty good job of lowing the boom on individuals who decide to be bad boys. Overall crime is lower than many other bay area cities. Were they posted up on a freeway offramp or did they simply hang out in the shoulder right before the exit? Richmond, Walnut Creek: appointed, real estate, house User Name Remember Me Password [ Register ] Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!

I guess prostitutes hanging out at freeway exits and gang bangers are acceptable here and not considered ghetto?

Concord woman among three arrested in lafayette massage parlor bust

Again, I find it very sad that the families living in suburban Concord trying to raise their children decently have to be stuck around all these low lifes dragging down this community. This time talking about 'gangbangers' as if SoCal doesnt have that. Did they have age displayed so people could know what was going on as they decelerated from 65 mph to 20?

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I moved away in and every time I go back to Sunvalley I do notice a change, but I wouldn't say it's anymore dangerous than before. Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Concord is middle to lower middle class with some nicer sections here and there.

So what do you call scantily dressed women literally twirling around the freeway post at the off ramp?? I really don't think I have seen many prostitutes of all genders, sexual orientations etc. I am unclear why so many people are taking this thread so personally?

I think it is pretty sad there are so many homeless, thugs, and prostitutes in a community people consider a nice, safe, place to raise a family. I never lived in suburbs before until I moved to the east bay so forgive me if I find the prostitution and thug life here an unexpected tragedy.

User-defined colors Preset color patterns. Outside some dumpy parts in and around Monument Blvd most of Concord is just typical middle class suburbia, nothing to write home about but nothing to be that afraid of either.

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Your story is ridiculous and your ONE time in Concord doesn't even remotely resemble the 40 or 50 times I've gone there, so forgive me if I'm a bit skeptical, especially considering your tendency to have Twilight Zone-esque tales of life in the Bay Area. So we decided to get some Christmas shopping done last weekend, and since it was raining, we opted for Concord due to having an indoor shopping center. It's not that bad overall and has a pretty low crime rate overall, lower than other Bay Area suburbs with better reputations.

Many times though there was a homeless person or two hanging out at the NB off ramp or at one of the mall entrances, but it was not that bad or much worse than a lot of other places I've been over CA. Even wealthy places like La Jolla will have homeless people at intersections by freeway off ramps.

Additional giveaways are planned. Detailed information about all U. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. The OP is over the top. Originally Posted by batransplant. Wide scope of incomes and races. Not a bad place but compared to Danville or Lafayette, yes, Concord can seem ghetto.

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Not sure how that is considered trollish. It is free and quick. I really thought gang bangers and hookers were relegated to inner cities, not suburbs. And if you're afraid of what you saw in that mall then I don't know where in this entire nation you wouldn't end up frightened. East Palo Alto is technically a suburb, as is Marin City, and both of those would be mentioned in the same breath as any ghetto in deep East Oakland or Hunters Point.

Notice how you're not attracting much of a following on here? Get a life. Most recent value.

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And fyi, not all suburbs are safe. We're moving from Seattle and want to know if Concord is safe.

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Growing up in Walnut Creek I'll admit we can be snobs and generally looked down on Concord. Otherwise feel free to theorize as to why all these "gang bangers" you saw weren't in the midst of battle. How were these women supposedly soliciting their potential clients?? To help you out here, no, prostitutes and gangsters are not considered acceptable.

Officers arrested three people on suspicion of pimping and prostitution charges at two downtown lafayette massage parlors wednesday.

NorCal Dude. I actually felt scared since we had our little one with us, and decided to leave due to seeing very little security on the premises. Another hate-and-run thread by batransplant. Then as we were driving toward the mall, we passed several able bodied looking young guys begging for change at every intersection.

Originally Posted by jman Okay, for starters, a nice, safe place to raise a family is not by the freeway. You can find bad spots where there are homeless and druggies and you can go to nice areas where you will feel totally safe. Concord at worst has a handful of homeless and I have never heard of it being a haven for prostitutes nor have I ever seen any there. There are plenty of Bay Area residents that will be quick to agree with accurate negative criticism of how things are here, but your tales just don't mesh with reality. But judging from the microscope you seem to be holding to the Bay coupled with your tendency to blow these things out of proportion, you counted every person who wasn't wearing a polo and tennis shorts with a sweater wrapped around their shoulders as a "gangbanger.

Have you ever even seen a real prostitute or red light district before? I've been living in city or coastal areas for the past 30 plus years so no I am not familiar with suburbs.

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Its not even the type of place a hooker could prosper without getting shut down by the cops right away, let alone "so many" of them as you put it. Complete exaggeration by the OP. Definitely calling BS on the four hookers hanging on an off ramp in Concord.

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Lafayette police arrested three people at two massage parlors Wednesday -- weeks after allegations of illicit activity at the nondescript establishments first came to light.


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