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The register, if it could be recovered would be a miniature history of the frontier. Atin a three-story brick building showing commercial and Prairie architectural influences, were located the Western Bar, Weber Hotel and the Franc Okamua Restaurant. Turtle soup, crackers, mountain trout, Columbia river salmon, oyster San Francisco, antelope steak, shoulder of venison, beef Chicago, quail, mourning doves, Canada goose, southern yams in candy, peas, celery, watercress, potatoes O'Brien, hot biscuits, cornpone, honey, watermelon, peaches and cream.

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It was owned by S. Smith who also was invested in the J. It was reduced to one story by a fire. They have done much to stimulate the restoring of the downtown part of the Ogden City. Before the building was built in the J. At were the S. Alkee Confectionery, and the Owl Bar. At in a building built in was located in the early s the C. Today the A. Booth Building built in is there.

In a two-story, pent cornered brick building was built still standing. Again, in the Commercial Victorian style with interesting des of brick, stone and metal columns capped with Corinthian columns it makes an interesting structure. Clark pharmacy, but in it was the address of the New European Hotel, advertised as one of the time - honored hotel hotels in the city having been in business for over 20 years.

The gutters, advertised as sparkling with mountain water, are choked with offal. Beyond him are only a double row of shacks far gone in the disintegration stretching upwards in the direction of the hills. Other establishments in different time periods in this area of 25th Street included R. Brooks and Sons Livestock Co.

They were located at — 25th Street.

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In the A. Chamberlain Stationery Shop was there. At is a commercial vernacular building two stories high of brick. In A. Watts, barber was listed at address. It has fancy metal cornices and ornamental hoods over square window bays. On the north side of 25th Street at the northeast corner of Wall and 25th Street in stood George Ford Company, dealers in hides, and pelts, and in it was the site of the Healy Hotel 2B which stood until when the name was changed to the Earle Hotel.

The building was later destroyed by fire and only one story of the building remains.

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Located at 25th is the two-story commercial Victorian Style Senate Building built in ; it housed the Senate Saloon and the W. Scudder Saloon. John W. And at as a two-story building with corbeled cornice, square bays and pent corner. This corner has always been a prime business corner with its proximity to the depot. The tourist, a little dizzy from the altitude but grateful for trees after miles of desert, rushes out to change his watch and see a Mormon.

At is a similar two-story building built in which was the address of J. Stephens Photographer in and later the William Giddings Photography. As and was the J. At 25th M. Biel and Son Wholesale and Retail Meats did business. At were the Watkin and Nicholas Grocers; Kahn and Brody Clothing; and Empire Rooming House in a three-story, brick with stone trim building have commercial Victorian style built in In the rooms over the Nicholas store were known as the Reed Hotel, and in that year, they burned and caused the deaths of five residents.

Cross to the block of 25th Street 2A and beginning on the south side of 25th Street there are some ificant historical places. At first it had some competition with 24th Street but after the construction of the clock-towered railro station in25th Street became the main street of business and traffic in town. The little slip indicates that one was expected not to make a choice from this ecstasy, but to down it all from the first to the last. At W. Bennett had a restaurant and at was the Sue Wah Laundry. No, a half-gallon.

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Many of these people were workers on the railroad and the facilities at this Club represented one of the few places for public entertainment for that segment of the population. Union Station — see the 24th Street tour. It is said she bought Brigham Young's old buggy after he died, and Kate rode around town in high style, flaunting the buggy before the public.

In the Association Ticket Office and the D. Stephens Ice Cream Company was listed at 25th Street. As a result of the prospect of business the street developed a variety of commercial houses, restaurants, eating places, shops, rooming houses and even gambling dens and houses of prostitution. These agencies have been doing much in recent years to bring about redevelopment and restoration of this 25th Street area.

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The new station was located at the end of the street and its doors opened for the railroad travelers to make their way up the street to seek food, entertainment or some diversion while waiting to continue their trips on one of the major routes that made connections in Ogden. Next door at was originally a three-story building built in which was destroyed by fire. The citizenry who move along the sidewalks are habituated to the shanties, but the newcomer, who whether from the east or west believes in a decent bluff of progress, is invariably appalled.

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He passes through a station that is deliberate triumph of hideousness and emerges at the foot of Twenty-fifth Street. It had local and long-distance telephones in each room.

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Moving east at 25th was the Depot Drug Store run by E. At in a building constructed in were W. At in the building built in were the O. Lockwood Restaurant and the Colorado Coffee House. Its brick construction and facade with stamped metal pediments and cornices, segmented Queen Ann windows, original iron columns, paneled doors, transoms and storefront windows represent the commercial Victorian style of the late period.

While railro where the mode of travel, the rail lines brought hundreds of passengers to the street. French Pete, any other true name unknown, was the civilizing influence that turned many a man towards the arts. This recounting gives an idea of the nature and activity on the street. It has Corinthian columns with millions of square bays.

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It is the largest of victims lost in the fire in Ogden's history. One researcher in studying the city directories concluded that a great amount of certain businesses centered on 25th Street. She seemed to delight that the buggy of the President of the Mormon Church was now being used by a person as notorious as she. The directory from showed that 5 out of 11 barbers of the city were located on 25th Street; 1 of out of 2 billiard halls; 9 out of 11 cigar manufacturing establishments; 9 of out 13 clothiers and furnishers; 1 out of 9 confectioners; 4 out of 13 druggist; 7 out of 38 grocers; 16 out of 19 hotels and rooming houses; 2 of 6 jewelers; 2 out of 3 laundries; 15 of 30 liquor dealers; 4 of 4 pawn brokers; 2 of 3 post card and curio shops; 13 of 15 restaurants; 4 of 10 tailors.

Earlier the Union Depot Saloon and the G. McGregor Restaurant were on this location. There is only story today. It was a two-story building with 30 boarding rooms.

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Jones Ticket Office were listed there. A pint? Bernard Devoto made this description of the Chapman House in early Ogden. Davenport and Company saloon.

25th street walking tour

The firm was established in and did business until after at the same location. At was Fred Cusley and Isaac Trusty, barbers. On the northwest corner of 25th and Lincoln earlier Franklin Street is the Marion Hotel, built in The block of 25th Street had a variety of businesses over the years.

Murphy Groceries and Saloon; F. Smith Curio Shop and St. James Hotel. It boasted of 64 rooms steam heated with electric lights, elegant bathrooms and sample rooms where salesman displayed their wares. If the street could relate its history it would have quite a story to tell, and event today a tour of the street captures an indication of some of the variety and activity of former days. On the lower level are molded trim and bracketed pediments over round arched second floor windows.

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At 25th is the Porters and Waiters Club Building which for many years supported the facilities and entertainment for the Black members of the community. At 25th Street in was W. Kind, railroad ticket broker. In A Careswell and Son News store had been at the 25th address.

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