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Branton Awards to celebrate and honor the commitment of our award winners and their organizations, working with us to dismantle injustice and pursue lasting change. In addition to the traditional program, we held a live Zoom panel which featured a discussion on the BLM v. Trump case on the clearing of protestors at Lafayette Square and the subsequent Swann Street kettling incident. Check out our program book here! Read about our incredible awardees here! Wiley A.


AIHRC reports are published online in both English and Persian; however, these reports have not been consulted directly. The Afghanistan Inquiry has a web with links to welfare support and legal assistance. Neither the flag nor its use are in line with Defence values. Next day, Trooper Mick and Trooper Jim said they were on watch in the OP when, around midday, a young, apparently unarmed local national LN not wearing a chest rig, walked across their field of view. The LN claimed they were injured by [redacted: possibly drone].

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The soldiers did not have the opportunity to search the body. During a short intense battle, a of Taliban were killed. A growing body of actual and anecdotal evidence from the past decade suggests that the personal and professional ethics of some have been deeply compromised. Allegations not substantiated. The IO reports usually contain redactions to anonymise the reports and protect sensitive information. The deaths of Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan and other known notable events that could add useful context or potentially have some relevance to an incident are included and shaded lighter green.

His car was shot up and his wife blinded, their daughter lost a leg and his brother-in-law, Abdul Baqi, was killed. It is totally inappropriate for any ADF vehicle or company to have a flag of this nature. IO findings: Australian commanders exerted effective operational control and coordination. When the police arrived, the Australians fired on them, killing Rozi Khan. He later clarified he had confused this incident with a different incident. Some of the allegations involve injury to and death of children.

Most incidents have not been publicly confirmed by official sources. Once again, they did not engage. VCDF senate estimates brief: During a night patrol, Australian forces were engaged by small arms fire. He also claimed ten neighbours had been killed. There was confusion about overlaid mortar fire.

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ROE were adequateā€”the soldier was able to positively identify his assailant as enemy and fire first before he was killed. Air Chief Marshall Binskin noted that the incident was abhorrent, action was taken at the lowest level by the commander at the time, and he was satisfied with that action.

No shortcomings identified in ADF actions, decisions or training. The outcome of that investigation is not available. Packham reports that Roberts-Smith was awarded a Medal for Gallantry for his actions on that day as well as other actions during his deployment May-September Roberts-Smith gave a different in to an Australian War Memorial AWM researcher: A couple of hours before dark, two LN had walked up to within 30 metres of the OP then turned sharply away into a different reentrant [a reentrant is the low ground formed between two hill spurs; a gully].

Journalist report: SASR psychologists were holding conversations in the mental health space about multiple deployments. ADFIS subsequently initiated an investigation into that matter. Two separate Defence sources identified a particular soldier as the individual who took the flag to Afghanistan.

Kabul airlift

The personnel involved were immediately cautioned at the time and subsequently received further counselling. In returning fire, four Afghans were killed, including the Chora District Chief, Rozi Khan, and three others were wounded.

Observed mortar fire and direct fire were used during the conduct of the operation. Undated or multi-date allegations are located within the general timeframe identified and shaded orange. McKenzie reported that military officials in Afghanistan found information about Australian involvement in the shooting, allegedly stored on ADF computers in Afghanistan. The findings were not published. The troopers, who were on a clandestine, observation-only patrol, did not engage but reported the contact. Readers may find some material in this chronology confronting, especially when collected together.

The supplementary inquiry found it was highly unlikely that a local national was killed. According to Masters, the ADF remain sure none of their troops was located where the incident occurred. The main sources for the chronology were publicly available media reports and IO reports.

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Medical examinations on handover to ISAF showed only minor bruising and abrasions. Assessing that the patrol was compromised, Roberts-Smith and Locke pursued the men, killed them and cleared their bodies.

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Their range finder showed he was about 76 metres away. Specific reports, incidents and allegations are described and sequentially ed. Two inquiries were conducted into this incident a primary and a supplemental.

Chronology of reports, incidents, allegations and inquiries

He said a smoke grenade was deployed or exploded when the man was shot and this triggered machine gun fire. ificant resistance was encountered over several hours. However, some allegations are contradicted in IO reports and the circumstances of even the confirmed incidents are contested. Many of the IO reports indicate that for operational reasons it was not possible to visit the site of the incident or to interview in person one or more local witnesses.

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He reports a Defence source as saying there was pressure on Defence personnel in Afghanistan to cover up the shooting. In a judgment dated 8 SeptemberJustice Colvin summarised certain facts related to the case:.

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These briefing documents became public when they were disclosed under freedom of information legislation. A fixed distinctive recognisable at a distance is required. It is alleged that the post action report of the patrol commander, Sergeant Will, said Roberts-Smith and Locke pursued the LN and, using suppressed silenced weapons, killed him. A glossary of terms and a list of library monographs documenting ADF activity in Afghanistan are included at the end of the chronology. Journalist report: Australian soldiers were photographed flying a Nazi swastika flag from their vehicle while on operations in Afghanistan.

Init established a Special Investigation Team to monitor conflict-related prisoners and implementation of International Humanitarian Law. AIHRC documents civilian casualties and advocates for protection of civilians.

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The International Criminal Court ICC investigates and, where warranted, tries individuals charged with the gravest crimes of concern to the international community: genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and the crime of aggression. During a 2 July doorstop, Ten News suggested that one of the men responsible for raising the Nazi flag had risen to very senior rank within the Army.

Use of a non-standard flag is also problematic in the rules of war. Other post-incident reports stated the insurgent was armed with an automatic rifle. IO findings: One LN was detained not fully dressed: he did not have the under-trousers usual with a tunic. Monographs documenting ADF activity in Afghanistan were also been consulted as well as annual reports prepared by Government agencies.

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Following the mortar fire missions, allegations were raised of injuries to one male youth, the death of a LN and the destruction of livestock. Where ADF personnel have been named, or a pseudonym used in a publication, that name or pseudonym is repeated in this chronology. He was thought to be carrying an IED. Inquiries: An initial inquiry, and a review conducted in after new information came to light, found that the soldiers involved acted within their rules of engagement. The investigation concerns matters the subject of some of the alleged defamatory imputations.

Khusal Khan, son of the local police chief Rozi Khan, told journalists the villagers thought they were being attacked by the Taliban and called the local police chief, Rozi Khan. One patrol member insisted the LN appeared to be an unarmed teenager whose death could have been avoided. Several ADF personnel are named in public reports because they are witnesses or have come forward with information. Sergeant Locke and Lance Corporal Roberts-Smith allegedly came forward to the OP and argued that, with the Taliban massing in the valley below, the troopers should have shot the LN as a he was a spotter who had compromised the patrol.

An administrative inquiry was conducted into the incident. This chronology is intended to:. There has been no indication that Australian personnel are the subject of inquiry.

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Soldiers supplied trousers mid-morning on 30 April. Inthe Prosecutor of ICC, Luis Moreno Ocampo, opened a preliminary inquiry into possible atrocities committed in Afghanistan by all parties in the conflict. There have been allegations of serious human rights violations against all parties involved in the conflict in Afghanistan. Inquiry Officer IO Report: Troops carried out a planned search and clearance based on operational intelligence.

Soon after the LN was sighted again, walking back the way he had come, this time carrying a bag. The material contains links to photographs and video of distressing scenes, including footage of distressed animals and of dead bodies. The Minister declined to comment. Fragments did not match mortar bombs used by SOTG.

After checking his patrol report he confirmed only one insurgent was involved and the body was not searched. PDF version [ 4. Leaked documents released by WikiLeaks in reveal ly unreported alleged incidents:. McKenzie reported the information found revealed the SAS patrol believed taxis were ferrying Taliban insurgents to combat hot spots in the area and an SAS patrol reported a contact in the same geographic area in which the Khaliq family car was hit.

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His son and a niece and nephew were also injured. Additionally, steps were taken to reinforce education and training for all personnel who witnessed the flag. The first inquiry confirmed that mortar fire or direct fire in support of the MRTF mounted patrol likely resulted in the shrapnel injury to one local Afghan male youth and a of livestock were probably destroyed as a result of the engagement.

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The flag was briefly raised above an Australian Army vehicle in Afghanistan in The commander took immediate action to have the offensive flag taken down. Journalist report: Australian soldiers have been involved in capture and kill operations against Taliban leaders in Uruzgan Province. Public reports make it clear that a of different soldiers are accused of involvement in more than 15 unlawful killings that allegedly occurred during operations; however, the only soldier accused of an unlawful killing that has been named to date is former Special Air Service Regiment SASR Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith VC, MG.

Roberts-Smith has not been charged with any offence, denies all allegations, and has commenced a defamation action against media organisations that identified him. Around 30 IO reports into incidents in Afghanistan have been publicly released.

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Branton Awards to celebrate and honor the commitment of our award winners and their organizations, working with us to dismantle injustice and pursue lasting change.