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Joyce McKinney flew across the Atlantic and hired a private detective to hunt down her lover who was working in Britain as a door-to-door Mormon missionary.


America is about the least bigoted place on earth.

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I know that like some Asians, Jews are considered beneficiaries of white privilege. However, we are forced to admit, there exists today a sociology of thug-life and culture that accepts behavior historically defined as lacking virtue or morality. African-American activism site The Root offers the kindest possible interpretation of what happened here : Tatiana Rhodes, a year-old McKinney resident, reportedly planned the event, which, Heavy notes, was advertised on social media.

They were staying at a nice hotel and wanted me to them in the pool area.

Joyce mckinney sues errol morris for 'portraying her as a prostitute'

Disqualify the guy who noticed bad behavior instead of the bad behavior itself. Anyone kill a quarter of your relatives? Neighbors, they ask you to believe, who were using the pool legitimately just as the whites screaming at them were.

Make me famous:. So I have no trouble believing that the sudden arrival of seventy or more teenagers would prompt a call to security.

If nobody in the media asks those questions, is it because they are afraid to question African-American women about the exploitation of children? And guess what? Tatiana Rhodes, a year-old McKinney resident, reportedly planned the event, which, Heavy notes, was advertised on social media. Loading Comments Required Name Required Website. They say the actual word.

Matthew shepard: some facts

According to the flier, a group calling itself Dimepiece X Twinzz Promotions was listed as the host of the pool party, which was scheduled from to 10 p. As with Domestic Hearse, I had no idea what any of those terms meant. Try being a Korean in Japan, or tell me how well the Hutus and Tutsis get along. And when other people saw that happen, they climbed the fence.

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A of black residents of the neighborhood have said that the narrative played out in the media is inaccurate at best, but you still want to cling religiously to the racism card. But this might tell Nate how it really is: I was with some friends this recent Friday June 12th in Dallas, as they had family and grand kids visiting them from California and they wanted me to hang out with them.

I do embroidery work for car and motorcycle clubs, multiracial but mostly black. They made no attempts to control their own crowd. The promoters of the cookout abdicated responsibility for the event. This points out how the left leaning MSM portrayal of the events in McKinney as police brutality or white racism is really back firing — under scoring how most of the world really knows what this is all about — because they see the same group of people over and over again causing problems and claiming racism. Nobody called anyone a prostitute.

I thought it was already covered on this site that people that live in the ghetto decisively do not call where they live…the ghetto. Ghetto is Italian for foundry. It would be profoundly interesting, before they get too far in retreat, to put Tatyana Rhodes and her mother LaShana Burks back in front of a camera and ask them to explain to a national audience what the verbiage of their promotional events reference.

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As fate would have it, I have some personal experience with this. This is major tool of the progressive. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Was the mckinney “pool party” actually a case of teen prostitution?

Notify me of follow-up comments by. We quickly learned that we had to arrive in groups of one or two. In addition, posts noted that he was paid to deejay the event and nothing more. So rather than protecting anyone, you, yes you, Nate, are using an ugly slur. Nate, you really slew me with that one. Insteadthis article begins on a bad premise and avoids the shit storm this bad cop started just to be clickbait. Were racism the driving force behind this incident, what happened the other day would have happened again and again for years.

She can take it

Sexual exploitation is the real story being concealed. Well, I do know something. Every single one of these stories the MSM shows about how poorly cops or whites treat black people teens turns out to be misrepresented by the MSM and people are starting to notice.

Learn how your comment data is processed. So some of the kids who lived in the neighborhood decided to use their membership cards to go to the pool instead. If six or seven of us showed up at once, someone would complain and the apartment management would arrive. I guess that was O. The only one smearing anyone is you with your unfounded accusations of racism. Your behavior is shameful and uncivil and you owe Jack an apology. Instead, they watched while their partygoers trespassed on private property.

However, Mrs. Personally we find it difficult to believe their parents accept what is being advertised by their teenage daughters. You see some of us are capable of seeing dysfunction in both cop culture and urban black culture.

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Notify me of new posts by. The question becomes: how many of these parties took place, and how many young women were violated so that Tatyana and her mother could make money? Are you wearing a police uniform? There have been conflicting reports as to how many guests were in attendance, but many outlets put the as high as 70 teens.

In that case, is the cop who arrived on the scene still the biggest racist out there? In Venice, they made the Jews live near the foundry, in the smelly part of town. The true story, of course, is completely different. I have a of close friends and good customers and some folks who are both that are black.

Beauty queen kidnapped mormon ex-lover and kept him handcuffed as kinky sex slave in remote cottage

African-American activism site The Root offers the kindest possible interpretation of what happened here :. And some of them let their friends in. There was a private pool next to the park! It was a cookout, held without permits or any attempt to obtain permission, on the park next to the pool.

I live 2. The current lawyering-up of these parents seems to indicate the former. Keep excusing bad behavior with your own behavior that you think benevolent, but in practice is genuinely racist. You, Nate, are hurting black people.

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Matthew Shepard is born in Casper, Wyoming.


Unfortunately, his work suffered for it.


By Dailymail.