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California continues to crack down on prostitution, with high-profile arrests making the newspaper regularly. At the Law Offices of Kerry L.


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DiAngelo says the end result was that many of her peers stopped carrying condoms altogether, thus putting them at increased risk of contracting STIs. Historically, such laws have had a disproportionate effect on the most marginalized members of sex worker populations — specifically, queer or transgender sex workers or sex workers of color, says Heather Berg, assistant professor of women, gender, and sexuality studies at Washington University at St.

Louis, whose work focuses on sex worker rights.

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Shape Created with Sketch. Path Created with Sketch. You are no longer onsite at your organization. In addition to condoms-as-evidence laws putting sex workers at increased risk, it is not unheard of for such laws to have an effect on non-sex workers as well.

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To many outside the world of sex-work activism, the fact that law enforcement authorities would consider someone carrying condoms as evidence of anything other than an interest in safe sex practices seems patently outrageous; the fact that there would not be a provision for ensuring that sex workers who are victims of violent crime would not be prosecuted arguably even more so. Rolling Stone. I do what [the cops] want me to do.

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Plus Created with Sketch. When she started working for SWOP, a sex worker outreach organization, she and other members would pass out cards telling sex workers to know their rights, informing them that searches yielding condoms as evidence were illegal and they did not have to consent to them. For assistance, contact your corporate administrator.

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And in the context of the presidential election, in which a surprising of Democratic candidates have flirted with or actively advocated for sex work decriminalization, the legislation in California is one step closer to making that a reality, she believes. The pro-decriminalization movement has also become a talking point, if not a predominant one, in the election, with candidates ranging from Bernie Sanders to Tulsi Gabbard to even Harrisone of the primary architects of the Back shutdown, indicating that they are open to decriminalization in some form.

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On Tuesday, Gov. The bill is ificant for including two key components: it contains a provision providing immunity for sex workers who report being the victims of abuse or domestic violence to the police, and it also renders condoms inadmissible as evidence of the intent to do sex work. Log In. To help keep your secure, please log-in again. In some ways, such stories are similar to reports of Upper East Side restaurants like Nello banning single female patrons for potentially being sex workers, or hotel chains like Marriott warning employees to keep a close eye on single female guests on the grounds that may be victims of sex trafficking: in the eyes of policy-makers, the mere existence of single female bodies in public spaces is enough to warrant suspicion that these bodies are being used for sexual purposes.

The end result of such laws is that sex workers who are most at risk of contracting HIV and other STIs are less likely to take the steps necessary to protect themselves, according to the report, which found that nearly a quarter of sex workers in New Orleans said they had unprotected sex with clients due to the fear of being hassled by cops for carrying condoms.

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Thanks to a landmark bill in California, however, that is set to change. The shuttering of websites like Back, for instance which was, in part, orchestrated by Sen. The fact that the legislation has had a deleterious effect on many major tech companies probably helped bolster mainstream opposition to the bill and its effects.

Rolling Stone is a part of Penske Media Corporation. When she was on the streets, this happened all the time.

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DiAngelo says she has heard of people in the Sacramento area being stopped and charged with loitering with intent to commit prostitution while they were carrying groceries home, simply because they were carrying condoms at the time. But such laws have been used for decades to silence and target street-based sex workers in major US cities, according to one report by Human Rights Watch.

When Kristen DiAngelo was younger and doing sex workpolice officers would routinely do big sweeps of areas known to be frequented by sex workers. Close the menu.

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Arrow Created with Sketch. The bill is not the first of its kind: Infor instance, the New York Police Department announced it would no longer consider condoms as evidence of intent of prostitution, two years after San Francisco adopted a similar policy. Calendar Created with Sketch.

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Men convicted of soliciting sex in San Diego can complete a three-hour diversion class and erase prostitution from future background checks.


The first thing that comes to mind when we think about prostitution as a criminal offense is engaging in sexual acts for compensation.


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That means that the average big-city police department spent man-hours a day enforcing prostitution laws.