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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Jun 28, Damon Hendricks, 32, of 31 Dearborn Ave. Police found him hiding behind a funeral home about 30 minutes later and arrested him on the rape charge. Later on Friday, state police, in a separate investigation, obtained a warrant for Hendricks on charges of deriving support from a minor in prostitution, conspiracy and soliciting.


Her mood could swing wildly from shy to brash to petulant, and she told crazy stories, like how her mother would force her to sleep in a graveyard behind their house. The booking desk at the police station was like an assembly line, with Jackie one of dozens of girls arrested. At her arraignment a few hours later, Jackie pleaded not guilty and the judge ordered her to stay out of downtown, then let her go until her next court date.

She had no ID, but told the officer her name was Kelly, that she was 19 and lived in Gloucester. If you're a scraper, please click the link below :- Note that clicking the link below will block access to this site for 24 hours. Gradually, Jackie realized that the police were not going to be a problem. Then one day in Julyone year after Jackie had run away from her foster home, Robbie called Dawn in a panic. Thank you, Beantown! The Joneses had been sending girls there for about a decade.

Second man charged in underage prostitution ring

Standing at the corner of Oak Street and Harrison Avenue, between the Tai Tung Village apartment towers and a row of shops shuttered by metal gates, Jackie waited for the horny guys who would funnel out onto the streets of Chinatown once the bars and strip clubs closed. Broad-shouldered and built low to the ground, Sacco had a heavy street accent and Italian features that helped him slip easily into wiseguy roles.

Lance liked to get into brawls outside bars near his home in Revere. Jackie was the kind of girl Lance liked. She was wearing a red top low-cut enough to show some skin, and a black leather jacket and pants that covered the scars on her arms and legs. He was going to need evidence, and witnesses.

Prostitution sting nets five arrests in burlington

Her hair, dyed red, was parted in the middle, framing her freckled face. It was somewhere around 4 a.

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Police say one out of every four local prostitutes is a minor, with most starting as young as Jackie did. Like 70 percent of teen prostitutes, Jackie had been abused from a young age, developing a combustible combination of low self-esteem and fierce survival instinct. Jackie had been working for Robbie for a month when she was busted by the undercover cop that September night in Chinatown.

After that, even Robbie knew enough to get her out of town. Robbie had just finished a year in prison and was sharing a duplex with Lance in Revere.

Dance prostitutes redding center – 45 year (connecticut)

After sorting out who the players were, Sacco moved on to the next step. Girls begged Dawn for work because escort calls were safer than the streets. There was a massage table set up in the center, and a full-length mirror tacked to the wall. Jackie, by this time, was quietly finding work of her own, secretly walking the streets and keeping the money she made. Around this time, FBI special agent Charlie Sacco was sitting in his downtown Boston office, reading a stack of agency reports.

Jackie was perfect. The first step in taking on the Joneses, Sacco realized, was untangling the family tree, which was proving as impenetrable as their neighborhood.

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Whatever they did behind closed doors, for whatever additional price, was ostensibly up to them. Jackie had been living as a foster daughter in Salem when she started working for Lance in May In July, her foster family called the police and reported her missing. She also had a series of boyfriends she kept from Robbie, who sometimes beat her. She was 13 years old. During the next five months, Jackie worked on and off at the health club.

Not yet, anyway. If you're a human and see this, please ignore it. Dawn looked up the poster online, finding it just below one for a year-old girl named Molly Bish, whose remains would be discovered two years later. Still, things had more or less fallen into a rhythm.

Norwalk police arrest two women in online prostitution sting

Cheryl led Jackie into a changing room, where they stripped and stored their street clothes in lockers. The truth, though, is that much of the prostitution in this country, including right here in Boston, involves children. Cheryl drove the Lexus and, during the hourlong trip up I, instructed Jackie to tell people she was A hundred yards into Kittery, they turned right and pulled into the Danish.

Then she asked him how he would like to end his session. The night was cold, and Jackie pulled her jacket tightly around her. There was nothing for her to do but wait, and hope to be released in the morning. Some 50 men a day visited the club. When she and Cheryl arrived back at the apartment, Lance took it all. Jackie had sex with half a dozen men that first day. They changed into nude stockings, one-piece swimsuits, and high heels they had taken from a bookshelf against the wall.

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There was also evidence they were using underage girls. Lance, who was in his early 40s, fought often with Jackie. None of them had ever run into any serious trouble. It took an FBI agent on his last case to bring the whole thing down.

She had sex with as many as two dozen men a week, bringing thousands of dollars back home to Lance. For years, the most notorious prostitution ring New England has ever seen ruthlessly exploited runaways like Jackie Pena. Then they walked out to the lounge to the other prostitutes waiting for customers to arrive.

Robbie was making money; Jackie had a place to live. Pistone, later wrote in his memoir. It resembled a shabby insurance office, with green institutional carpeting and a drop ceiling.

Lost and found

Fed up with the aggravation, Lance eventually gave her to his older brother, Robbie, and let him deal with her instead. She was a chronic runaway, one of the 40 girls between the ages of 12 and 17 that police estimate go missing in the Boston area each month. In the photo, her curly hair was bunched into a ponytail with a sunflower scrunchie, and she was smiling so broadly her gums were visible.

Cheryl and Jackie walked up to the tan, two-story building, which sat between a quiet residential neighborhood and a business district. The man identified himself as an undercover Boston detective and arrested her.

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Poring over police reports going back 10 years, he saw that the family was sending prostitutes and transferring money across state lines. Jackie had no intention of returning to that court, or any other, ever again. Jackie had tried to look tough for the mug shots, but she was just pounds and not much over 5 feet tall in her boots. Her father was out of the picture, and she no longer spoke to her mother, who had handed her off to her grandmother. Jackie was careful to keep her age a secret, and she wore makeup that made her look older. The day after meeting Jackie, Lance sent her to work at the health club.

Lance Williams had something better in mind for Jackie than walking the street. The morning guys on sports radio WEEI in Boston once talked about the club for a couple of days, causing a spike in attendance, and one town councilor liked to honk when he drove by just to see the men in the parking lot jump. On average, it takes a teen prostitute 10 years to get out of the business, which is three years longer than the FBI calculates she can expect to live; during the time Jackie was working, two local teenage prostitutes were murdered.

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The grandmother eventually passed her along, too, putting her in foster care. As a Jones, he commanded a certain amount of respect on the street, but most considered him a small-timer, neither as ambitious nor as vicious as other family members. Jackie walked back out to the street, back to her place in what investigators would come to call one of the most extensive prostitution rings in New England history.

Jackie was his first girl, and the brothers shared rights to her while he learned the ropes. Cops, lawyers, judges—whatever their function, they were no comfort to her. Jackie soon began to resent Lance. The men received a towel and a ticket and were instructed to take a shower in the locker room, where they could also use the whirlpool and sauna. Another Jones, Richard, sicced his pit bulls on a friend and smashed a bottle across his face during an argument at the junkyard. Dawn even began to suspect Jackie had fallen in love with Robbie. And anyway, her heavy-lidded eyes made her look more sleepy than hardened.

Lance used Stilwell to run a kind of shuttle between Boston and Kittery, having her drive his other prostitutes in either his Lexus SUV or a rental car at least four times a week. He scared people. Lance had been right about the money. Cheryl began with a full-body rubdown, which was technically what her customer had paid for out front.

To increase business, Robbie hooked Jackie up with a family friend named Dawn Young, a former prostitute who was running escort services out of her apartment.

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All five men are charged with sexual conduct for a fee.


Anaisa Comas, 22, of New Bedford was charged with third-degree promoting prostitution, prostitution, permitting prostitution and possession of less than one-half ounce of cannabis-type substance.