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Housing for people with low income that includes coordination of other services for residents. The coordination professional can help residents identify resources, navigate systems or help with applying to additional programs. Single women and women with children can reside in this program for as long as they need, but the goal of the housing program is for residents to become self-sufficient. Single women, women with children, or young girls who have been involved in prostitution or the trafficking of women.


The jury entered four long days of deliberation, after which they returned a guilty verdict on all counts.

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Top Stories. Campbell said Paige would be happy today to see how her kids are growing up. However, without being able to locate her body, the case remained circumstantial and authorities said they were reluctant to charge Jones. Wayne Weyler said that arson is often a way to destroy evidence, including fibers, hair, DNA and fingerprints.

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We hadn't found her remains until five years later. She had promised to return later that evening. But I think with Paige, as you dug into her life, you found out that she had financial issues and that she had to make additional money. But even when he was interrogated a second time, Jones adamantly denied it was him in the Walmart video. There is a crime being committed here. Tell the cops to get Elaine Jones also identified her husband in the security camera video from Walmart where he was seen purchasing the TracFone that he had denied buying.

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Very honest. Lester Jones was found guilty of first degree murder, felony murder, second-degree murder for knowingly causing the death of Paige Birgfeld and kidnapping. Taiwan sends jets after 27 Chinese planes enter buffer zone Nov 28, AM. For cop who shot Daunte Wright, will 'wrong gun' plea work?

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Jones stopped responding when his wife, Elaine Jones, took the phone. Customers liked him. We'll notify you here with news about. Lester Jones remains in prison, but is currently appealing his conviction based in part on the argument there was no physical evidence to tie him to the crime. The two had been married from to and were said to have had a troubled relationship. It was activated Wednesday morning, the same day that Ms. Linderholm had her appointment with Mr. However, Jones denied ever owning a TracFone.

Comments 0. He let officers take his fingerprints, gave his DNA and handed over the keys to his truck -- a white Dodge pickup. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? We just needed to get it done. It needed to be presented differently.

One by one, all of the potential suspects on the phone Paige Birgfeld used while escorting were eliminated, except for a man named Lester Jones, a year-old local RV mechanic who had tried to book Paige Birgfeld for a rendezvous the day before she went missing.

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Less than a month later, he showed up in her home and threatened her with a gun. On June 28,a Thursday, Paige Birgfeld disappeared, leaving her kids with her live-in nanny. In that call, police informed him they were done processing his cars and that they would be released back to him.

He had a criminal past that included sexual assault and kidnapping. The case went cold as investigators struggled to prove foul play without a body. Upon first glance, Paige Birgfeld was a hard-working single mother-of-three who juggled multiple odd jobs to make ends meet. Nearly a decade after Paige Birgfeld was last seen, and after years of heartbreak, her family feels there is no such thing as having full closure with her death. She was a really, really talented business owner who had four different businesses going.

Beigler was one of the last people to see her alive around 7 p.

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We knew that the last person that drove this car had to be tall. He said that prosecutors realized between the two trials that Lester Jones was trying to get ahold of Paige Birgfeld on a Monday. They then got into a car together and Jones took Nance for a terrifying ride, she said.

Her remains weren't found until She developed a business of baby slings. She explained that he had taken some sleeping pills. The shop was diagonally across the street from where Paige Birgfeld's car was found aflame, she said. Investigators contacted Jones at work on July 5,and said he was willing to speak with police. Investigators and volunteers launched a desperate search for Paige in the neighboring muddy areas and deserts.

I didn't think Lester was guilty going in. On July 1,they came upon her red Ford Focus engulfed in flames.

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During two-and-a-half hours of questioning, he cooperated fully, investigators said. The charge was later dismissed and the couple divorced the following year. We had no idea whether she was buried. After 22 days of exhaustive testimony and closing arguments, the jury was unable to reach a verdict and a mistrial was declared on Sept. One card was thrown at a time. Cell phone tower data also proved that his location at the time of her disappearance was near Denver, hours away from Grand Junction. Before Paige Birgfeld disappeared, she received a series of calls from a mystery man who dialed her from a disposable TracFone, a low-cost phone service that runs on purchased minutes.

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Some clients, however, wanted more. But an investigation into the year-old twice divorcee's disappearance from Grand Junction, Colorado, in the summer of revealed she had been living a secret double life as an escort. She had taken up with a younger man named Joe Bear, and ultimately, Mr. Nance said Jones had chased after her and Bear, and that Jones had shot a gun at him. So, they looked for evidence that he had been at her work site on that day.

He is asking for his kidnapping sentence to be vacated and for the kidnapping conviction to merge with the felony murder conviction.

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Investigators soon learned that Paige Birgfeld had a separate cell phone that she used for her escort business, and investigators honed in on the clients who called her on the night she vanished. But I was beyond a shadow of a doubt coming out. She is definitely missing because she would never leave her children.

There were no charges filed against Dixon that year. Using that packaging, investigators were able to figure out that it was purchased at a Walmart on North Avenue in Grand Junction. But 12 months later, in Octobershe accused him of assaulting her, and he was charged with third-degree assault.

Along the same road, a health card, insurance card and other items tied to the missing mother were found. Paige Birgfeld instead asked Linderholm, who occasionally gave massages for the escort service, to go in her place because of her prior encounter with Jones.

Investigators ruled out Beigler almost immediately in connection to her disappearance. However, they remained friends and started rekindling their relationship after her divorce from Dixon. Hard working. But in Marcha breakthrough came when a hiker venturing near the highway where her personal items had been found came upon her remains in a gulch -- a dry streambed -- amid rocks, weeds and brush.

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His trial began in Julynine years after her disappearance. He denied there was any physical violence, and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor harassment. Nov 28, AM. ABC News Live. We had no idea where she was. Investigators made a shocking discovery three days after Paige Birgfeld was reported missing.

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Minnesota's child protection system responds to situations where children are alleged to be maltreated and helps support families to safely care for their children.


Human trafficking in Georgia is the illegal trade of human beings for the purposes of reproductive slavery, commercial sexual exploitation , and forced labor as it occurs in the US state of Georgia , and it is widely recognized as a modern-day form of slavery.