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The defendants in these cases approached a woman, whom they believed to be a prostitute, or loitered in areas known for prostitution and human trafficking in Orange County. Each of the defendants below agreed to engage, or loitered with the intent to engage, in commercial sex with a woman and were subsequently arrested by law enforcement. Rosharn Deon MattaLos Angeles, 40, is charged with one felony count of pimping and one felony count of pandering. If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of six years in state prison. Santa Ana Pastor Kevin Brown is in some hot water after the popular Buzzfeed website revealed that a TV show he was participating in that had the goal of coaxing sex workers prostitutes out of their lifestyles. He is a retired police officer with nearly 30 years of law enforcement experience including work with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, undercover narcotics, parolee apprehension, and thirteen years as a SWAT member.


The real estate collateral for these types of bonds must be located in the state of California, be current with the mortgage and property taxes, not have any liens and not be in foreclosure.

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. Completion of the program also allows for prostitution charges to be dismissed. Are you wondering how that is even possible?and we will be happy to take care of the rest. Posted on Sep 7th, by Super User Views. You asked to be part of a prostitution act with another individual. Blog Prostitution Bail Bonds. Additionally, if you are convicted of prostitution charges within Orange County, California and are infected with an STD, you may also have additional penalties added to your sentence. You approve and consent to the prostitution act with the individual.

The bond amount will depend on any of variables, so it is important to contact a professional bail bondsman to determine the exact prices and fees associated with the crime of prostitution. Cash collateral would need to cover the full amount of the bond. In actuality, however, these images are just the extremes of an incorrectly assumed definition. My clients appreciate the friendly, professional bail bonds services. The person you asked to partake in the sexual act was aware and conscientious of what you were asking or wanting to be done in response to the sexual act.

If you're looking for a good time out with friends, there's no doubt that Costa Mesa has plenty to offer.

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I have gotten bail bond services in Santa Ana before from some other companies but from now on will go to Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds for sure. Common legal defenses in Orange County, California prostitution cases: Entrapment - whereby the Orange County police officers or law enforcement use coercion, force, manipulation or other tactics to entice, trick, or encourage you to commit a crime that a normal, law-abiding citizen would not have otherwise committed.

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I don't ever want to go back to the Main Jail in Santa Ana, what a nightmare getting arrested in Orange County can be. The owner s of property would need to a deed of trust, have the deed notarized and filed with the county in which the property is located. Though the program is heavily centered on women and girls, Journey Out does have programs available for men as well as for individuals that identify as transgender.

California penal code section pc: supervising or aiding prostitution

Possible suspension or restriction for up to 30 days if prostitution charges occurred within 1, feet of a private home and with use of your vehicle Mandatory AIDS testing; enrolling in and completing AIDS education classes in the County of Orange.

Soliciting - offering to or agreeing to engage in a sexual or lewd act. For faster service please call: 24 hours a day, seven days a week if you or a loved one has been arrested and need to be bailed out quickly and confidentially. The entire bail bonds process was handled over the phone and they even offered an online bail bond option as well. The law is rather vague, which allows the courts to interpret it very broadly.

Bail for California Penal Code charges varies tremendously. So, it would be best to post bond and get working on a legal defense strategy. Property can not be vacant land, trailers or mobile homes.

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Or if you simply have questions regarding bail, an arrest, or inmate information please do not hesitate to call or fill out our form. Prostitution charges in California are usually misdemeanors. Who posts a prostitution bail bond for Orange County? Worked with me and got my boy out of jail fast and easy. The total bail amount will vary depending on of offences, prior arrests and other circumstances such as drug possession. Call What is a PC Bail I called some big box bail bonds companies then called Jesse at Mr. He is super professional and courteous so I went with him.

Many professions—including being a teacher—will no longer be an option for you. Orange County is notorious for being strict on these laws and usually will require a bail bond to be posted for those arrested on prostitution and or solicitation charges. The Orange County jails are gross and just a terrible place to be.

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Not only will prostitution charges be on your record foreverbut your job market will not be the same. Payment plans and bail bond financing are not available for sex crime cases related to prostitution, pimping and or pandering charges. From an afternoon of shopping, dining at world-class restaurants, or taking in some professional skateboarding If you or a loved one needs to post bail, but find that there is a PC Hold placed on your bail, call Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds right away for help in sorting the matter out.

You the defendant can also show evidence of mitigating circumstances to render the prosecutors evidence inconsequential or insufficient. Bail will depend on the specifics of your crime, as well as the county where the crime was committed.

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Highly recommend for fast easy bail bonds services in Santa Ana or anywhere in California. Your ignorance of a situation that any normal person would have full understanding of is not a viable defense. Anyone who offers, agrees to, or engages in prostitution can be charged under California Penal Code b. This can be a risky defense if you have a shady background or criminal history because it will be brought up against your entrapment defense.

Prostitution Bail Bonds.

Case of year-old sex trafficking victim sadly isn’t unusual in orange county, officials say

What does it cost for prostitution bail bonds? You willingly intended to follow through with that sexual act. California Penal Code outlines numerous laws related to disorderly conduct, including those pertaining to prostitution. I have been practicing criminal law for over 20 years, during which time I have worked with hundreds of bail bond agents in Orange County from my offices in Santa Ana, California.

Prostitution bail bonds

If found convicted of violating HSC intentional transmission of HIV in Californiayou could face a sentence enhancement of 3, 5, or 8 years in California state prison. Technically, he or she may easily be breaking the law and could be arrested on prostitution or lewd conduct charges. Furthermore, some counties will also call the employers of those that work in certain career fields, such as education, law-enforcement, or the military. The next time you find yourself in a set of handcuffs may not be the kinky experience you imagined it to be. However, felony charges under California Health and Safety Code Section will be brought if the individual knowingly has HIV and engages in unprotected sexual intercourse with another individual for the purpose of infecting them with the disease.

That can be interpreted to where you can still possibly be charged with lewd conduct if the act of you touching yourself masturbation causes the payer to become aroused or sexually gratified.

Oc’s nonprofit & nonpartisan newsroom

The judge will use the California Rules of Court Rule 4. The bail agents at Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds are always able to help my clients and are happy to work with any financial situation with payment plans and even appearing and drafting PC bail bond motions, last minute bail bond postings in all of the courts, large bail bonds with no collateral, and out of county warrant bail bonds.

The exact verbiage of California Penal Code b can be painfully complex and intimidating to try and read due to its numerous components. GPS ankle monitoring is not available as an alternative to collateral. For as long as can be remembered, prostitution was thought to be a fairly cut-and-dry, simple definition of sex being exchanged for money. With all of that now better clarified, a person can be arrested for prostitution in one of three ways: by offering to engage in a sexual lewd act in exchange for money or other form of payment; referred to soliciting prostitution by agreeing to engage in a sexual lewd act in exchange for money or other form of payment; referred to as soliciting prostitution.

They take the headache out of the bail bond process even in a stressful situation after a loved one was arrested in Orange County and taken to the main jail in Santa Ana. The bail agents were nice and explained everything in terms we could easily understand and offered us the best prices with no collateral needed. Testimonials "Had to locate a Orange County bail bonds company fast to get my boy out of jail for something that he should not have been arrested before.

Successful completion of the program can even eliminate possible deportation for some individuals. Best prices, easy payment plans and friendly helpful bail bonds services. We do not accept cars, jewelry or anything else for collateral on prostitution, pimping and or pandering cases.

If you borrow their car and get arrested with it in your possession, they can lose their vehicle as it is in connection with your prostitution case. With all of that now better clarified, a person can be arrested for prostitution in one of three ways:.

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So much nicer and professional to deal with. The court must prove numerous things in order to obtain a prostitution conviction in Orange County:. The bail agents there in the Santa Ana, California office are so nice and helpful. To be convicted, the court is required to show proof of intent to infect the other person.

Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds prides itself on being discreet and confidential; please feel free to today for additional information on posting a bail bond. San Diego has a similar program— Prostitution Impact Panel —that allows men convicted of prostitution-related charges to avoid a permanent prostitution charge on their record by reducing the charge to disturbing the peace upon completion of the program.

So, what about a nude dancer that only touches themselves? Highly recommend to anyone in need of bail bond services in California. Some individuals that are arrested for prostitution are just normal, respected, everyday people—people you pass on your way into the bank or stand behind in line to get your morning cup of coffee before heading to the office.

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