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  • How old am I:
  • I'm 43 years old
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  • Swedish
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  • Long curly blond hair
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  • English, Greek
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  • My body type is thin
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  • Ale
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  • None


Posted on April 21, in Sex Crimes. Both escorts and prostitutes spend time with a person in exchange for money. However, the activities engaged in during the time spent together is what defines whether the person is an escort or a prostitute. Knowingly engaging in prostitution is illegal in Arizona.


The ringed toilet had an early-industrial appearance to it, like it would look natural next to a foot-pedaled dental drill. It was sparsely furnished with a bed, a rickety chest of drawers and a stained gray metal chair. She was trying her hardest to ignore the other woman, who seemed to be babbling incoherently and shaking her head. Eventually, I decided upon some Pez and a newspaper.

What is the difference between escorts and prostitution?

After shoving a handful of Pez into my mouth, I locked my stuff in my car. I looked around as I penciled in my name and address on a small square of white paper. Taking a walk around the No-Tel, I noticed the chain link fence surrounding the pool had big Xs on it. Now my neighbors were watching me from the window again. Upon closer inspection, I realized the talkative woman had a hole in the side of her face.

Escort vs. prostitution – what is the difference?

I had left the spot marked "Guest" blank. There was a on the door at the N. Oracle Road hotel that pledged someone's return in an hour. A grimy air conditioner was attached to the wall, just beneath the window. The man, with what I perceived as a slight look of disapproval, took down my friend's first name, waving a hand in my face as I tried to spell his last name.

When I got to the machine, the door shut suddenly.

How does arizona law define prostitution?

It looked like a bomb had gone off inside. Just to leave the option open--in case I lost my mind--I told him my "friend" might be staying with me. I didn't bother asking her how she knew that. Turning up West Miracle Mile, I encountered more of the same--buildings with peeling paint and people drinking out of bottles wrapped in paper bags. The cashier made no eye contact as he mechanically rung me up.

There were short, chubby women with large breasts, and tall, wispy women with no cleavage to speak of. The hotel seemed dead. I was heading back to my room, pad in hand, when I noticed movement in my neighbor's window: I saw a pair of eyes watching me. I had shown up around 9 p. The man's minivan was parked just outside my door. Streams of women--of every shape and size--circulated the black-lit room like hawks, picking off men with w of cash in their hands. I was lonely again.

I didn't want to, so I muttered a greeting and kept walking to my car. Back in my room, I absent-mindedly glanced over the newspaper.

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It struck me how abruptly she turned away when I told her I was OK. Feeling a little flustered--like a goldfish in a tank full of piranhas--I kept telling myself that if someone got too friendly with me, I could bust out with the magic phrase: "I'm gay.

I heard my neighbor's door open slightly, and a pair of eyes darted after me as I walked across the lot. But when I saw the place, I decided that I really didn't want to know. No one was talking to me, but it was a comfort to know that the potential for non-creepy human contact was there. Quickening my pace, I reached my room and locked the door behind me. I then inspected the bathroom. The shower was untouchable--despite having a "Sanitary Bath Mat" tossed in front of it.

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Mirrors were hung on the ceiling over the bed. No, I replied. Returning two hours later, I strode into the office to find the man sitting in a recliner behind the plastic barricade.

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We chatted for a bit, and then I watched as she went to work on a middle-aged fellow across the room. I was going stir-crazy. I'm the type of person who usually knows what he wants when he steps into a store; I don't browse much.

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A deep breath followed: The room smelled of cigarette smoke mixed with that universal hotel-motel odor. Later, I stepped out to get a soda from a new-looking machine next to the empty pool. Looking down the road from the parking lot entrance, I saw two women crossing the street at the nearby intersection. I had no idea she was so flexible. Checking the time, I remembered a female stripper friend of mine told me to swing by a nearby club for a cocktail in between dances. I followed a man up the sidewalk toward the No-Tel Motel, as he pushed his walker against the flow of traffic. Folks have been saying for years that places like the No-Tel, with its "heated wa-wa beds" and free porn, are headed for extinction.

One woman wore a clear raincoat and carried a matching parasol. A man in a minivan pulled up just as I was trying the door to the office for the second time. A woman in a neon-yellow thong gently raked my back with her fingernails and asked if I wanted a dance.

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On TV, a woman wearing pantyhose moaned as she dry-humped a man with a mullet. One or two cars; no people. I decided to leave my motel key and check into another room when I came back, in an effort to escape my freaky neighbors. Years of muck had accumulated on the tiles, creating a brown, streaked effect. Melancholy wafted over me as the air conditioner strained to cool the room.

My asment was to live at tucson's infamous no-tel for 1 week. i lasted 4 days.

No guests, a read. Turning on the TV, I witnessed a woman pleasuring herself with a pink dildo. Showering at home seemed preferable to cleaning up at the motel, so I packed my things. The sink, though old, looked like it worked well enough. I said sure; I didn't have much of a choice. Driving around the neighborhood on a warm October night, I started to feel nervous. The area around North Oracle Road is studded with once-glitzy motels, porn shops, strip ts and warehouses.

My new place was a lot like the old one, except there was wood paneling on the walls and the ceiling didn't have mirrors. I saw a pair of toes wriggling on the edge of the bed, as the door, which had been slightly ajar when I arrived, slammed shut. By Saxon Burns. But today--for some reason--I walked up and down the aisles, looking at nothing in particular.

After a couple hours of flipping through channels and putzing around with my GameBoy Advance, I decided to walk to the Walgreen's next door. Situated between an empty lot and a cookie-cutter Walgreen's, the No-Tel is made up of a dark, lonely parking lot bracketed by two rows of rooms and a dry 8-foot-deep pool. I walked to my car and collected my things. Surprised, I took a step back, and my eyes immediately focused on his scraggly salt and pepper beard.

Perhaps the lack of mirrors made this the "single person" room. The thought of being in this place all by myself made me feel queasy. After taking three steps, a weathered man riding a bike came to a screeching halt several feet in front of me. I needed to kill time. The bathroom was basically the same--the new shower was unfortunately my old shower's twin. Walking back to my room, I felt dirty. I sat on the lumpy bed. The man dropped the bike and scampered into the room next door to mine. A few minutes later, I walked outside to get a pad of paper out of the car.

After unlocking the door, I plunked my bag on the double-sized bed. I immediately felt out of place when I walked into Curves Cabaret, which bills itself as one of Tucson's favorite adult hotspots. Returning to the room, I triple-checked the lock on my door. Feeling drained and paranoid, I lay on the bed and watched a couple go at it on TV.

Eventually, I drifted off. A worldly friend of mine was adamant about the No-Tel locks not working too well. He put me in room right next to my old room. No admittance. I paid for two more nights and told him I didn't have a guest this time.

The first name was sufficient. He waved--which surprised me--and then parked in a carport beside one of the rooms. Once inside the office, the man stepped behind a flimsy plastic barricade and asked me if I had been waiting long.

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There are numerous laws prohibiting prostitution in Arizona, as well as other conduct related to prostitution in Arizona.


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