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Firetruck being shipped with s and flags. Escort vehicle operators and pilot car company operators can obtain a Louisiana state escort vehicle permit at Louisiana weigh stations. The state of Arizona does not observe daylight savings time. Learn the difference between the two.

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All pilot car and escort vehicle operators working with in the state of New Mexico need to be inspected at the port of entry for a New Mexico certification inspection. Currently Minnesota requires drivers of pilot cars and escort vehicles to hold a current Minnesota State patrol certification.

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You can also about the Minnesota state pilot car regulations, requirements and permits on our regulations. At the time of this writing May 16, the state of Nevada Department of Transportation does not have any particular specific certification program for pilot cars. All escort and pilot car operators who wish to travel through or work in the state of Louisiana are required to obtain a Louisiana Approved Escort Vehicle Permit.

We do strongly suggest any individual or company operating as a pilot car or escort vehicle be outfitted with the minimum requirements.

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The state of Oklahoma will need to be listed as a certificate holder on your insurance certificate. If you are a escort vehicle or pilot car operator with certification already in the state of Colorado Florida North Carolina Oklahoma Utah or Washington you will be allowed to escort over dimensional lo within the state of Minnesota however you must have Minnesota insurance for the vehicle the driver the age delighting and all safety equipment requirements must be met. Inquiries by phone: or e-mail: 12assist ce.

Below we will cover the specific details required by pilot car companies in order to become certified in the states that have certification requirements.

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From the best of our knowledge no certification programs you may have completed will be accepted, credited or otherwise considered. One pound fire extinguisher or to 5 pound fire extinguishers.

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One hardhat. All pilot car operators and escort vehicle drivers who intend on operating within the state of Utah must be certified and inspected at the Utah Port of Entry. For a list of New York Department of motor vehicle testing locations call For more information on getting certified or obtaining the New York certification manual you can call or We suggest also reading our New York state pilot car regulations, requirements, permits, etc.

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However they do have in place a rather lengthy amber light law. The good old state of Minnesota has two different types of escorts. The first order of business when operating a pilot car or escort vehicle within the state of Oklahoma is the certificate of insurance.

For further clarification on other items required please see our regulations for trucks pilot cars and escort vehicles operating within Nevada state jurisdiction. Arizona does recognize equivalency programs completed in other states however the pilot car or escort vehicle operator must file an application in order to operate within Arizona State jurisdictions.

Some states require pilot car and escort vehicle drivers to be certified operators before operating within their jurisdictions. For more information contact the Arizona motor vehicles division at phone : located at N. You can about the Arizona pilot car regulations, requirements, permits, etc. For more information you can contact Erik Gohl at: fax: or visit their website: www. You can submit it online or print the PDF form and fax the completed application to the truck permit office at: You can also about the Lousiana state pilot car regulations, requirements, permits, etc.

Pilot car and escort vehicle operators who wish to obtain a authorized certification card may do so by participating in a authorized qualified certification program. One handheld red flag no less than 18 inches square. In order to obtain your certificate from the department of public safety you will be required to take the course and the examination offered by the Oklahoma State University, phone The term of this certificate shall be for a maximum period of five years and will expire automatically after the date it was issued you can obtain more information on the certification training program by visiting: www.

All escort vehicles and pilot car operators who intend on working within the state of Oklahoma must be Oklahoma certified. The state of Florida requires that pilot car or escort companies operators have to have Florida State certification or FDOT authorization.

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For specific clarifications on vehicle specifications escort vehicle and pilot car operators should refer to our New Mexico state regulations. Arizona pilot car certification: the state of Arizona says that pilot car companies or escort vehicles must maintain a certificate of certification that verifies the pilot car and operator successfully completed a Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance CVSA program.

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We would strongly suggest that anyone considering escorting lo through the state of Nevada obtain certification in another state with stringent laws such as Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, North Carolina, Florida or Oklahoma. The state of Florida does recognize programs completed bike pilot car drivers from the following states: Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

Civilian escorts and peace officers.

Choosing a certification that’s right for you

All pilot car and escort vehicle operators who intend to work within the state of New York must be New York State certified. If you have any questions for the Georgia Oversize Permit Unit you may contact them directly by phone: You can also about the Georgia state pilot car regulations, requirements, permits, etc. The state of Colorado requires that pilot car or escort company operators have a Colorado State Certification card when working with in the Colorado state jurisdiction.

The must be a standard 18 inch two-sided stop and slow and be attached to a 5 foot pole.

Use the map below to determine which states accept certification.

One two-way electronic communication device which enables the pilot car or escort to communicate directly with the driver of the extralegal shipment. One portion of the Florida State Law requires successful completion of a National Safety Council 8 hour defensive driving course qualified by the state of Florida or equivalent by one of the above listed states as the same. The escort and pilot car vehicle permit portion will give you two options for submitting the application.

If it is necessary to warrant approaching traffic, each flagman must be wearing a solid florescent yellow or green material jacket or vest and equipped with a red flag and paddle readings stop in white letters with a red background. However, shipments slightly wider may required a pilot car in some locations. One stop go paddle reflective for night movement no less than 18 inches across or tall with letters no less than 6 inches in height. The amber light law basically states that it is unlawful for any person to mount a flashing amber warning light on the top of the vehicle without a permit from the Nevada Highway Patrol.

If you are researching and looking for a list of the states that require specific pilot car certifications you have found it. Below is the list of each state requiring special certification for pilot cars and escort vehicles as well as some details about the type of certifications that are required, where to obtain them, fees, etc.

A pilot cars primary duty is to ensure the safety of the motorists.

Hours of operation

Re-qualification is required every 4 years and this can also be done by contacting the University of Florida, PO Box Gainesville, FL You can about the Florida pilot car regulations, requirements, permits, etc. All pilot car operators and escort vehicles who wish to work in the state of Nevada must be certified and also obtain a amber light permit.

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You are required to approach the port of entry before any load you may be escorting reaches any scale house upon entry. For details on each of the states requirements as of this is a great place to start your research. See below or state laws for state s working in. A list of authorized instructors can be obtained by calling So if you have already completed a similar course your credit may be transferable.

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When working within this state all pilot car companies and escort vehicle operators must travel with a copy of their certification. Basically, you can expect a full on roide intensive and thorough review of your vehicle and its equipment.

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Three reflective triangles or 18 inch traffic cones. The state of Minnesota recognizes escort vehicle and pilot car operator certifications from the following states Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Utah and Washington state.

For more information about Colorado regulations, requirements, permits, etc. All escort vehicle and pilot car operators who wish to travel or work in the state of Minnesota are required to be certified. The state of Oklahoma Department of Public Safety does recognize certifications and other states that do have a reciprocal agreement with the state of Oklahoma however if the operator of the pilot car or escort vehicle is a Oklahoma State resident they must have Oklahoma certification.

Typical oversize load that does not require a pilot car vehicle. The Nevada Highway Patrol will issue a permit to mount amber flashing lights on a vehicle upon written request.

Escort vehicle regulations by state

One night reflective safety orange vest shirt or jacket. These permits can also be obtained online at www. Your insurance policy must protect the public against loss of life, bodily injury to persons and damage to property or bowls as a result of operating a escort vehicle or pilot car, or of the actions of the escort or pilot car vehicle operator or both. To oversize load banners that are yellow with black lettering no minimum size specified. This class is offered by the Florida technology transfer Center.

In addition to the amber light law if you anticipate stopping or slowing traffic you must comply to the stringent laws of Nevada state flagman.

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We suggest that readers such as yourself read our regulations for the state of Nevada in order to research amber light specs such as how many times it flashes per minute and the distance its visible from. Once pilot car or escort vehicle operators pull into the New Mexico port of entry you are subject to inspection. To be certified as a escort or pilot car driver it is mandatory for all drivers as well as any persons acting as a flag person who intend on escorting oversize lo on the ro and highways within the state of New York regardless of where they reside obtain New York state certification.

You will still need a amber light permit to operate a escort vehicle or pilot car with in Nevada state jurisdiction. Any escort vehicle or pilot car vehicle shall carry the following equipment items at all times when escorting a over dimensional, heavy haul or otherwise extra-legal shipment.

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In many states, if the width is 14 feet or more wide, two pilot cars are required, one leading and one following.


The student study guide contains a of -specific citations.


Individuals who operate a pilot escort vehicle must meet the following requirements:.